Our work in providing cost consultancy services to car showrooms and dealership extends across many of the major brands within the industry, and our knowledge of these allows us to switch seamlessly from budget to premium brand, without compromise to our service.

Many of the buildings have to operate as multi-operational entities containing retail space, offices and a workshop/service centre. It is our experience of how these spaces fit together and interact with each other that allows us to challenge and advise on construction methodology, phasing, programme and price.

All schemes have a tendency to be bespoke in design and use extensive glazing, both are items that add to a project cost. Our database of suppliers and fabrication solutions also allows use to ensure that these premium schemes are not always a premium price.

We also class Petrol Filling Stations within this sector. We have completed many national roll outs for some of the major retailers in this sector.


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Filling Station




Filling Station